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Saving money on junk removal prices Brookhaven, NY and surrounding areasSaving money on junk removal fees

Looking for a good deal on Junk Removal. In some cases junk removal can be a tough business to negotiate. Essentially what is most important is price per cubic yard for removal.

So, to get an idea as to what a company charges you would ask “how big is your truck (in yards)?” and “how much do you charge if the truck ends up to be full? Most franchises will give you a price of between $700-$750. Additionally their trucks are 15 yards. In contrast our trucks are 16 yards and we charge $600 for each full truck. The reason we can reduce junk removal pricing so much is because we doo not have to pay franchise fees.

So remember, this is a simple equation how much does a company charge per yard per truck. You may also choose to ask if they condense or crush as much debris as they can in order to reduce the volume in the truck.

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