Garage Clean-out Suffolk County

Suffolk County Garage Clean-out

If you’re looking for a Junk Removal Service to make some suggestions regarding a garage clean-out, perhaps you may have come to the right place for some tips. Long Island Junk Removal Guys has been in the Rubbish Removal business for about 13 years now and we are confident that we can offer some viable suggestions.

  • Allow yourself ample time to decide what items should stay or go
  • Try to categorize items to make things easier to decide
  • Make a separate pile for (discarded items, sellable items and donated items)
  • If necessary hire an extra person to help moving debris
  • Come up with a plan for your idea of a garage layout that works for you
  • Put everything in its place
  • Call a junk removal service to dispose of unwanted items or do it yourself
Garage Clean-out

Long Island Garage Clean-out

At first, this may seem a bit overwhelming but you can make things a little easier by color coding items. For example: you can use an erasable marker to mark each items category. Maybe Red=Keep Yellow=Donate Green=dispose

Here at Long Island Junk Removal Guys we have found that organizing your clean-outs works best. Essentially there are three categories we use at most junk removal jobs:

  1. Keep
  2. Toss
  3. Recycle/Donate

If your garage is too cluttered you might even consider bringing some of the Rubbish out to the driveway. That makes things a bit easier if you were to hire a Junk Removal Service.

Clean up after removing junk

Now that your garage is somewhat organized and free of clutter its time to clean up and maybe broom sweep, hose it down or use some cat litter for oil spots before moving items back in. Honestly there is no formula to a Garage clean-out. Just use common sense and be open to suggestions. If you live on Long Island or in Suffolk County feel free to call us for help, tips & tricks or even our services. (631) 505-DUMP (3867)

Junk Removal Services in Brookhaven, NY

Looking for a Junk Removal Service in Brookhaven, NY?

Long Island Junk Removal Guys has been providing quality junk removal in Brookhaven and surrounding areas. We are an eco-friendly junk removal service providing all sorts of debris removal.

  • Household Junk Removal
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Computers and e-waste
  • Estate Clean-outs
  • Concrete Removal
  • and more!

Our goal is to offer dependable debris removal on Long Island. From Nassau County to Eastern Suffolk County we try to dispose of rubbish in an environmentally friendly fashion. Our team will always give you transparent pricing for all indoor and outdoor rubbish removal needs.

How do we dispose of your junk?

When we arrive at your house or place of business a team foreman will diligently evaluate the area and suggest a plan that will be presented to you. There are certain situations where one may be unsure of what they want to throw out. Our team members can always help with advice on what to dispose of and what to keep.

How to get the most of our services

In order to get the most of our junk removal services we suggest that you take some time to decide what you want to dispose of. Secondly, if possible, put it all together so that our team members can get to work sorting out items that will go to a landfill or be recycled.

How to decide which are recyclable items?

One of the first goals of Long Island Junk Removal Guys is to recycle whenever possible. If you have the time prior to our arrival, it would be best if you sort your junk into four main categories:

  1. Plastics
  2. Glass
  3. Metal
  4. Organic Debris

If you don’t have time or elect not to sort your rubbish we can always do the sorting for you. Regardless, your junk will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion. Between 60%-%80 of junk is recyclable which means it won’t end up in a Long Island landfill.




Discount Fall Junk Removal Services in Suffolk County

Take advantage of our discount fall junk removal services Now!

Household possessions change from season to season. Typically, spring and fall is when people seen to want to do a spring house clean-out or fall house cleaning. If and when you do decide to get a professional rubbish removal company involved in your next house clean-out, consider Long Island Junk Removal Guys.

What to look for in you rubbish removal company

When you decide to get a professional rubbish removal company to help you with your house or estate

Rge right junk removal company

Choosing the right Junk Removal Company

clean-out, most people make their decisions based on price (no matter the product or service). However, in many cases price may not be the best decision making factor when considering which junk removal company to hire.


Junk Removal Example:

There are many junk removal companies who charge by the yard (which is a logical way to base you junk removal prices). But we must also consider whether these rubbish removal companies at least make an effort to reduce the size of the trash they remove from you house. There are any junk/rubbish removal companies that simply place your debris in the truck without even attempting to break or smash items apart so that they reduce the volume of debris. Generally speaking, whether a rubbish removal company decides to reduce the volume of their debris by crushing it or disassembling it does not effect their  bottom line much if at all.

  • Patchogue, NY
  • Ridge, NY
  • Medford, NY
  • Smithtown, NY
  • Commack, NY
  • and much more!
When you’re ready to look for a Junk Removal Company Call us!

When it comes time to find a Junk Removal Company that will give more bang for your buck call Long Island Junk Removal Guys. We remove furniture, demolition debris, household debris, garage clean-outs, attic clean-outs, basement clean-outs etc. You will always get a respective team to help with your rubbish removal projects. Simply point to your junk and we will responsively remove it – no surprises, delays or additional fees.

Ronkonkoma, Junk Removal Services

Junk Removal Services in Ronkonkoma NY

When it coms to Long Island Junk Removal Guys, Long Island Junk Removal Services in Islandia NY 11749 we have been rated #1 on Long Island in Suffolk County and Nassau County NY.  This is because we beat all Franchise companies by $100.00-$200.00. The reason why we are able to out price local franchise companies is because we are a local business and we do not have to pay franchise fees. Additionally, our company does not simply load your debris into our trucks without breaking them down to the volume.

Ronkonkoma 11779 11741 Junk Removal Prices

Recycling/ Reusing/ Donating

To save you more money, we recycle, reuse, and donate any/all belongings as much as possible. Some of the non profit organizations we work with are Lighthouse Mission, as well as Long Island Cares. Lighthouse Mission Accepts all clothes and toys that are worthy of donation. Long Island Cares accepts all non perishable food items. Some of the items Long Island Cares accepts are:

  • canned goods
  • undamaged furniture
  • toys
  • ect.

Lighthouse Mission will accept anything from:

  • clothes for the needyJunk Removal, Demolition
  • used sports toys  (i.e., balls, dolls, skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles)
  • occasionally they will accept non perishable items

Some of the Items we Recycle:

  • metal
  • glass
  • plastic
  • computers
  • and more!
Some of the Services we offer in Islandia 11749 and surrounding areas are:Junk removal
  1. Estate cleanouts
  2. Garage cleanouts
  3. Hoarding cleanouts
  4. Attic cleanouts
  5. Shed cleanouts
  6. Yard cleanups
  7. Bathroom gutting
  8. Demolition
  9. Excavation
  10. and much more!
So Don’t forget to call Long Island Junk Removal Guys for all your junk removal needs in Islandia, NY 11749 and surrounding areas; junk removal, estate cleanouts, hoarding cleanouts, shed cleanouts, attic cleanouts, yard cleanouts-ups, bathroom gutting, demolition, excavation, debris removal, rubbish removal, and much more! Call (631) 505-DUMP or (631)578-5825 (to send text messages or images). Feel free to call anytime for an estimate for 24 hour or same day services.




Junk Removal Pricing

Junk Removal Services RIdge, NY

Looking for Junk Removal Services in Ridge, NY

Look no further than Long Island Junk Removal Guys! We aim to be you one  stop shop for all of your junk removal & debris removal needs in Brookhaven, NY/Suffolk County and surrounding areas. Some of our junk removal services include:

  • Furniture Removal Junk removal and recycling
  • Estate Clean-outs
  • Yard clean-ups and Leaf Clean-ups
  • Attic & Garage Clean0outs
  • Furniture removal
  • Construction debris Removal

  Local Junk Removal surrounding areas served in Brookhaven, NY and Surrounding Areas

  1. Junk Removal Ridge, NYHolbrook, NY
  2. Manorville, NY
  3. Gorgon Heights, NY
  4. Yaphank, NY
  5. Shirley, NY
  6. Medford ,NY
  7. and more!

How to we afford to offer such low prices on Junk Removal Services?

As a small local company that is not a franchise, we can afford to offer you junk/debris removal services approximately 1/4 the price less than any local franchise junk removal company. We don’t pay franchise fees, we recycle as much as possible and we donate to 2 local public assistance programs. All debris is either  recycled, donated or dumped in the appropriate area.

Our Reputation

Our Junk removal team has an exemplary track record and we always go above and beyond to appease the customer. We are here to help and to make sure the entire process goes smoothly and without incident. That means without any property damage etc. So call Long Island Junk Removal Guys now! (631) 505-DUMP (3867)


Junk Removal Holbrook, NY 11741

LI Junk Removal Guys Now Serving Holbrook, NY 11741

Long Island Junk Removal Guys is now serving Holbrook NY and surrounding areas.  The LI Junk Removal Team is not just a junk removal service.  We offer many other services:

  • Concrete Removal
  • Demolition
  • Estate Cleanouts
  • and much more!

We are always reliable and professional, as well as affordable. Our junk removal team always tries our  hardest to accommodate the customer to the fullest extent when removing junk/debris. The Long Island Junk Removal Team is very experienced in removing junk, yard waste, as well as all sorts of demolition debris in an efficient and affordable manor.

We always recycle, reuse, and donate as much junk as possible.

Donating Junk in Holbrook

Long Island Junk Removal Guys doesn’t simply fill our trucks and dump it at the closest landfill. All employees recognize that they are here to make the world a more beautiful place to live for our future generations and not just dump your junk on the roadside. We always try to recycle, or donate such items as:

  1. glass
  2. cardboard
  3. metal
  4. organic material
  5. plastic
  6. and so much more.

We beat all local franchise prices by over $150.00 per truckload ad our trucks are 1 yard larger than anyone else around.

Long Island Junk Removal Holbrook NYMost local franchise trucks will take 15 yards full of junk at the maximum. However, The Long Island Junk Removal Guys Team can accommodate 16 yards or more per truckload for $150 less than franchise companies. The reason why we can out price most of the franchises is because we are not obligated to pay franchise fees. We are a private company,we don’t work nationally, only in the Northeastern region of the United States as well as Holbrook, 11741, and surrounding areas. We always work hard to maintain customer satisfaction.

Feel free to call (631) 505-DUMP for your Junk Removal Needs

Wether it be your attic, basement, garage, shed, yard, full house or estate cleanout, we can surely meet and beat your expectations.


Junk Removal Blue Point, NY 11715

Looking for a junk removal service in Blue Point, NY?

At the best prices around, Long Island Junk Removal Guys will have you more than satisfied.  Our services include, but are not limited to junk removal, estate cleanouts, attic cleanouts, demolition, yard clean ups, shed cleanouts, garage cleanouts, and much more.

Long Island Junk Removal Guys Always Recycle As Much As Possible

When executing a job, we don’t simply take your debris to the local landfill. Everything is sorted from;

  • glass
  • plastic
  • metal
  • biodegradable material
  • ect

People accumulate over 20 years worth of household items, which your local trash service will not pick up bulk items from inside your home or curbside. If you buy new furniture or appliances, your local trash service will not remove your old furniture or appliances. There are certain manicupalities that will pick up your junk or debris on certain days, however, it is important to know local schedules and local recyclying systems in place for your area. You can also donate clothes and furniture as well as other houselhold items to clothing bins, churchs, and other people or establishments in need.


We Beat all the local franchise’s by at least $150 a truck load and our trucks are one yard larger than the competition.

Long Island Junk Removal
So don’t forget to call (631)505-DUMP last. Shop around in Blue Point, NY 11715  and find out for yourself that we offer the best prices around.

We always recycle. Our staff is always prompt, neat and clean. We don’t just dump your junk in the local landfill. All junk/debris is sorted, recycled and donated as much as possible. Any questions, or concerns feel free to give us a call and someone is always prepared to assist you in anyway you need.  We are available by phone 9am-9pm 7 days a week, and have staff available for junk removal 7 days a week.


Brookhaven, NY – Junk Removal

Junk Removal and integrity in Brookhaven, NY

Junk Removal integritySure, every junk removal service in Brookhaven and surrounding areas has their own way of disposing of debris. However, Long Island Junk Removal Guys take a conservative approach at the disposal of rubbish. All junk is recycled if possible. That includes glass, paper, cardboard, metal etc.

Other Junk Removal Companies have different approaches to disposing of their junk.

Actually most disposal companies and franchises will simply haul yourlong island junk removal options debris to the nearest dump and go on to the next job. Personally, we, here and Long Island junk Removal we don’t make it that simple. We sort our debris/junk first. Whatever can be saved will be offered up for donation to the Boys & Girls club and Single mothers association. Occasionally there is quite a bit gone from a load to where we can pay to have the remaining junk dumped at a local landfill.

Junk Removal in Brookhaven, NY

Deals on Long Island Junk Removal Services are hard to find. Since we don’t produce much  here besides refuse the prices of demolition debris and junk has skyrocketed.decisions for junk removal When you think about all the Municipal Solid Waste trucks going down the Long Island Expressway it is mindboggling! Hundreds of thousands of pounds of junk are being hauled off to other huge land minds such as the one in Ohio. The largest dump we have in Brookhaven Long Island is the one in the Patchogue/Medford area.

The effects of Recycling not only in Brookhaven Long Island but the entire Island

Junk removal and recyclingWhen you Recycle on Long Island you are actually doing yourself a service! All the glass, cardboard, plastics (1-7), metal etc. is picked up by the Town of Brookhaven and sorted then sold for recycling. This saves the town money since they are receiving money for the recyclables they pick up. This reduces our taxes since they make money for recycled debris. It turn, our taxes are reduced and the Long Island environment is spared of the extra debris that would have ended up in out landfills.

So call Long Island Junk Removal Guys in Brookhaven, NY @ (631) 505-DUMP

Quick quotes, responsible junk removal and disposal!

Informational Posts

Saving money on junk removal prices Brookhaven, NY and surrounding areasSaving money on junk removal fees

Looking for a good deal on Junk Removal. In some cases junk removal can be a tough business to negotiate. Essentially what is most important is price per cubic yard for removal.

So, to get an idea as to what a company charges you would ask “how big is your truck (in yards)?” and “how much do you charge if the truck ends up to be full? Most franchises will give you a price of between $700-$750. Additionally their trucks are 15 yards. In contrast our trucks are 16 yards and we charge $600 for each full truck. The reason we can reduce junk removal pricing so much is because we doo not have to pay franchise fees.

So remember, this is a simple equation how much does a company charge per yard per truck. You may also choose to ask if they condense or crush as much debris as they can in order to reduce the volume in the truck.

junk removal

Junk Removal – Bohemia, NY 11716

Junk Removal Services – Bohemia, NY 11716

Junk removal ready for the jobIf you are looking for a reliable junk removal service, look no further; Long Island Junk Removal Guys is a professional junk, debris and demolition team ready (with the right tools for the job). Our team always asks for a brief description of the job and brings the right tools.

Overloaded with junk in your attic, basement, attic storage bin or yard?

Occasionally the junk removal process can be a tough job. Dealing withOverloaded attic - junk removal this type of job alone is hard enough with decision making and deciding what sentimental  items some family members want to keep. Occasionally that choice depends on the mmajority of the family. We  (as a team) don’t not interfere with any items that your family want to keep or discard. This can be made a bit easier by getting a pack of color stickers (i.e., red/green) which will indicate what should be kept and what should go. That makes things a lot easier than to keep bothering the customer by continue to bother them.

Junk We Remove in Bohemia, N 11776 and surrounding areas

Long Island Junk Removal Guys Removes almost all types of junk and debris including:

  • Appliance Removals
  • Attic, Basement, shed and garage cleanouts
  • Carpets removal
  • Cabinet Removal
  • Concrete Demolition & Removal
  • Demolition
  • Estate Cleanouts
  • Demolition and Cleanouts
  • Mattresses 
  • Yard Cleanups
We will beat any Long Island Junk Removal Franchise Fees!

We can beat almost any Franchise Junk Removal Company Fees. Some people ask “how can this be done?” The simple explanation is that we don’t have to pay franchise fees. Additionally we recycle as much as possible. Recycling is one of the most effective methods of environmental conservation since reusable junk and demolition debris don’t end up on the top of a Brookhaven or Long Island Landfill. We take our time and sort debris correctly. This saves you money because the town is selling your recyclable material which reduces taxes.

How it works

Our crew will clear junk from anywhere on your premises We will give the area a thorough cleaning and either recycle, reuse or donate whenever possible.We remove all types of non-hazardous waste including:

Junk Removal Pricing