Furniture Removal Long Island

Long Island Furniture Removal

We will remove all items of furniture from anywhere inside or outside  your home. Example of items we will remove are:

  • couches
  • big screen tv’s
  • kitchen and dinning room tables
  • hutches
  • any size beds and frames
  • dressers
  • and much, much more

Our team is equipped to remove these items from any place in your home  such as basements, attics, your front and back yard, ect. More importantly, we will remove furniture from your home safely and efficiently without damaging anything inside or outside your home.

Long Island Junk Removal Guys offer the best prices in the area

Long Island Junk Removal Guys prices are on average $150 cheaper perLong Island Junk Removal Holbrook NY truckload than any of the local franchises. Also, most franchise trucks will take 15 yards full of furniture at the maximum.  Long Island Junk Removal Guys can accommodate 16 yards plus a truckload for $150 less than franchise companies.   Don’t take our word for it, check out our estimated price list below and call our competitors for an estimate.

Long Island Junk Removal Guys believe in the 3 R’s Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce

Our team doesn’t just simply remove your junk and dump it at the local landfill.  Our employees believe that we are here to make the world a more beautiful place for our children and future generations.  We always try to recycle, reuse, and donate all of your junk.  We take the time to look through and assess your furniture and other items you are looking to get rid of and donate to local churches and charities, and recycle items such as:

  • glass
  • cardboard
  • metal
  • organic material
  • plastic
  • Junk Removal Recycle, Reduce, ReuseDon’t forget to call Long Island Junk Removal Guys (631)505-DUMP for all of your debris removal needs

Weather your furniture is inside or outside, in your attic or basement, big or small our guys can handle most anything that needs to be removed. Call us at (631) 505-DUMP for your furniture removal needs.