About LI Junk Removal

Long Island Junk Removal – Brookhaven, NY

Brookhaven Junk RemovalLong Island Junk Removal Guys offers an easy, speedy and exceptionally affordable way for Long Island customers to dispose of old junk and piles of garbage that might be lying around. All removal jobs are taken seriously and our goal is always to make an environmental difference. Our professionals all live locally and they work hard. We offer professionals who help you sort and dispose of your debris in a professional manner so that most junk doesn’t end up in a landfill. Personally, as CEO of Long Island Junk Removal Guys I can honestly say that I have instilled this work ethic into all of my employees. All glass, cardboard, metal, plastics (#’s 1-7)) are encouraged to be recycled prior to disposal.

When you don’t recycle

Long Island , NY Brookhaven Junk RemovalTruthfully, when you don’t recycle, you end up with another pile of junk dumped into the landfill (particularly Brookhaven Landfill). Most of this junk/debris can be diverted effortlessly. The Town of Brookhaven gives out FREE Recycling Stickers. They are meant to be placed on one or two of your garbage pails and the Town of Brookhaven will be happy to pick them up; (just no bags) because they clog the belt/recycling machine.

We Care About the Environment when working in Brookhaven, NY or any other area!

It is extremely important to sort your recyclable materials such as:

  1. Glass
  2. plastics
  3. cardboard
  4. Metal
  5. Styrofoam etc.

When this junk/debris is not recycled it ends up town has less recyclables to sell. This effects you weather your a homeowner or not. That is because the money that the town would have made by selling the recyclables would have most likely gone  towards homeowners and there is a chance your rent may not go up the next year.