Scrap Metal Pick-up

Reliable Scrap Metal Pick-up on Long Island

If you’re looking for a company on Long Island to pick up your scrap metal, Long Island Junk Removal Guys is the way to go. Whether you own a business where you need to dispose of scrap metal once or on a weekly/monthly basis or perhaps you’re simply a resident looking to dispose of a stove or other household appliance. When you call Long Island Junk Removal Guys you will get prompt/professional service. From commercial scrap metal pick-up to residential scrap metal pick-up.. we will be there!

Long Island Junk Removal Guys does not just deal in scrap metal pick-up. We also provide services such as Junk Removal, Furniture Removal/Disposal, Junk Hauling, Demolition and more! Our company was built on family values and environmental concerns. Based solely on long Island, Long Island Junk Removal Guys is not a franchise. We care about our reputation and our surroundings; always making sure to be as environmentally conscious as possible with our decisions on where to recycle and dump our refuse.  We pride ourselves on recycling as much as possible. When you call us for scrap metal pick-up services, we will arrive as promised whether it’s once or on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Scrap Metal Pick-up Service

Scrap Metal Services

Our team of qualified professionals has a route which is planned daily and they will come to your home or business and pick up your scrap metal in a pre-arranged spot. If you prefer to simply leave your scrap in a specific place or on the side of the house, just call us and let us know where you left it and when to pick it up. We will be there to pick up your scrap metal as promised.

Scrap Metal Pick-up

  • Appliances
  • Old Fencing
  • Barbeques
  • Junk Cars
  • and most anything metal!

Why use long Island Junk Removal Guys for your Scrap Metal Pick-up:

  1. We will arrive on time
  2. We are professional
  3. We are respectable
  4. We are FREE!