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Junk Removal Services in Brookhaven, NY

Looking for a Junk Removal Service in Brookhaven, NY?

Long Island Junk Removal Guys has been providing quality junk removal in Brookhaven and surrounding areas. We are an eco-friendly junk removal service providing all sorts of debris removal.

  • Household Junk Removal
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Computers and e-waste
  • Estate Clean-outs
  • Concrete Removal
  • and more!

Our goal is to offer dependable debris removal on Long Island. From Nassau County to Eastern Suffolk County we try to dispose of rubbish in an environmentally friendly fashion. Our team will always give you transparent pricing for all indoor and outdoor rubbish removal needs.

How do we dispose of your junk?

When we arrive at your house or place of business a team foreman will diligently evaluate the area and suggest a plan that will be presented to you. There are certain situations where one may be unsure of what they want to throw out. Our team members can always help with advice on what to dispose of and what to keep.

How to get the most of our services

In order to get the most of our junk removal services we suggest that you take some time to decide what you want to dispose of. Secondly, if possible, put it all together so that our team members can get to work sorting out items that will go to a landfill or be recycled.

How to decide which are recyclable items?

One of the first goals of Long Island Junk Removal Guys is to recycle whenever possible. If you have the time prior to our arrival, it would be best if you sort your junk into four main categories:

  1. Plastics
  2. Glass
  3. Metal
  4. Organic Debris

If you don’t have time or elect not to sort your rubbish we can always do the sorting for you. Regardless, your junk will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion. Between 60%-%80 of junk is recyclable which means it won’t end up in a Long Island landfill.




Junk Removal Blogs on the Web

Most online businesses have a Blog. Surprisingly enough, even Junk Removal Services have Blogs with current content and updated information on the junk removal industry. Additionally, some contain photos and instructional  how-to videos with lots of useful information. There are even some blogs on how to start your own  junk removal  business. There are also many junk remooval companies that to more than just junk/debris  removal. Fore example:

  • Yard clean-upsjunk removal
  • Commercial office clean-outs
  • Old Furniture removal
  • Trash pickup
  • and more!

There are also companies that employ only college students from all around the United State. Some require sorting your debris, bagging or bundling. We ourselves (Long Island Junk Removal Guysdo not ask for any of the aforementioned – all you have to do is point and will take it to the truck. From there, it will go to our recycling facility where we separate the glass, plastic, concrete, cardboard,  metal etc.

No matter what type of junk  removal services you require, we can  do the job the quickest and most  efficiently. Weather Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter; anytime  is a  good time to get rid of the clutter  in your home. Our goal is simply for you to have a clutter free clean and usable space for you, your family and/or business.

In  future articles you will find information on getting rid of junk for low prices as well as disposing of common  household items such as mattresses as well as couches and other bulky household  items without having to call a junk removal company. I mean… lets face it – we pay our taxes therefore we are entitled to our municipal sanitation services. There are certain days of the month that bulky household items are to go out and be picked up for free by your local sanitation department. There are even some towns where you can simply call and schedule a pickup.